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These Terms and Conditions apply to the online social and Educational networking services for www.thewritinghelper.com, such as the Educational Network and the Educational Social Media (referred to as “Services”).

You agree to these Terms in any way you use this Website. additionally, you must agree to the Guidelines for All Editing All www.thewritinghelper.com services that use the services of www.thewritinghelper.com.

If you are not satisfied with the terms or conditions of the www.thewritinghelper.com, other guides or any subsequent changes or improper services available on the site, do not use www.thewritinghelper.com at your discretion.

www.thewritinghelper.com can update these Terms and Conditions at any time, and you should recognize that such terms and conditions apply to such terms and conditions.

Content Policies (Ads and Articles)

The person (you) is responsible for publishing the www.thewritinghelper.com website on all the listings, file files, messages, responses, images, videos and other content (content) you post. It is responsible for all content uploaded or otherwise uploaded.

You have to understand that our website does not have any control or responsibility in the content that you have created or created by websites that you publish content that contains content that is obscene, harmful, obscene, false, and fraudulent.

Moreover, other sites may be connected to what is in www.thewritinghelper.com and on the content, but www.thewritinghelper.com has no connection with those websites.

www.thewritinghelper.com does not have any representation or responsibility regarding the accuracy or the practices of such websites. You are responsible for all the activities involved in those websites.

If you use the content of this website, you are responsible for all the risks and risks involved in following the contents of the site. We do not believe in the content of this site, and the Site is not accepting any responsibility regarding the content of the content, the distortions, damages, and the actions of the email and mobile phones. All Content published in this Website Terms and Conditions We do not have the right to delete and reschedule at times You should understand that the use of the site’s.

Limited access

Some places on this site are limited. www.thewritinghelper.com The right to restrict access to other sites or entire websites of this website www.thewritinghelper.com If you provide a user ID and password to this site or other content or services on the site, or the user ID and password are kept secret must. Note that the www.thewritinghelper.com website can revoke your user ID and password without early warning or explanation.


When you publish ads and articles on this website, you must agree not to do the following:

  • Advertisements that violate any law

  • Unsafe, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, repudiating, privacy-damaging, or child pornography

  • Content for adults only or the content of illegal businesses

  • The deliberate misrepresentations

  • Receive personal information and identification information from other people who are in the content

  • Inclusion in the content of the money-making method (such as ferning)

  • Articles inserted to mislead people into content

  • Involving in sexual activity or enriching such visions

  • Trade marks, names, photographs, videos, and products that you have not provided in a lawful manner

  • affiliate marketing, ink referral code, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or unsolicited commercial advertisement Including such things

  • Integration of viruses, software, and accessories into computers and communications

  • Expressing views on religion, age, gender, personality, photography

  • Publishing non-specific content of ads and type

  • To refrain from oppressing or bullying verbally or intimately

  • Not collecting personal information from other users for commercial or illegal purposes

  • Not using automated methods to download data using services – Microsoft search engines (e.g., Google) and non-commercial public records (e.g., archive.org)

  • www.thewritinghelper.com Trying to obtain unauthorized access to or attempting unauthorized access to any computer system or any other activity that may interfere with the quality of Service rendering services or the functionality or efficiency of the www.thewritinghelper.com Web site.

Reporting of copyright infringement

If you believe your rights have been violated or your Intellectual Property Rights have been violated, please contact www.thewritinghelper.com using our online contact form. Please forward the following announcements to our representatives

  • In sufficient detail, including identifying the contents of the www.thewritinghelper.com website that claims to have violated your rights

  • Your address, phone number and email address

  • Your physical or internet / email signature

We have the right to remove the content whenever there is reason to suspect the violation of the rights of any party at any time

Breach of terms and conditions

Under these terms and conditions, without any prejudice to other rights of www.thewritinghelper.com, you are in any way violating these Terms and Conditions, www.thewritinghelper.com will not be considered appropriate to deal with such an infringement. Banning access to the site, accessing the site by using your IP address blocking computers, blocking your access to the site, and / or prosecuting you for legal action.

Activities of organizations and individuals

No interaction with any organization and / or individuals found across the www.thewritinghelper.com Web site or any server found on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, supply of goods and services, and other terms, conditions, warranties or representations of such transactions. These deals are between you and those organizations and / or individuals. You agree that www.thewritinghelper.com will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage caused by such transaction. If there is a dispute between the participants on this site or between users and any third party, the www.thewritinghelper.com website is not bound to interact or interact with it.

Limitation and suspension of service

The limits on the use of www.thewritinghelper.com can be established, including the maximum number of days that the content can contain, including other services, the maximum number and size of advertisements, emails or other content. You agree that thewritinghelper.com does not have any liability for any content or services that may be held or transmitted by or on behalf of the Services. www.thewritinghelper.com reserves the right to terminate the services at any time with or without notice.

If you have breached the terms of www.thewritinghelper.com, delete or delete your account, blocking your e-mail address or IP address, or otherwise using Service (or other part of it, without any prompt or unauthorized access, any content in the service Will be removed and the www.thewritinghelper.com website will be responsible to you or a third party for terminating immersion. You do not have to, and you agree that you will not try to get back after completing the above service.


The maximum limit allowed by copyright and international agreements is protected by the service. The content displayed by the Service is protected by copyrighted copyrighted materials and / or compilation in accordance with copyright copyright and / or international conventions. The work has been banned, including the creation, modification, and reproduction of anything else. It is forbidden to copy or reproduce website information to another server or site for further location or redistribution. You agree to not copy, duplicate, or copy content from any of the Services, and agree to display it with any copyright and copyrights displayed on the Services. Please note that you have the full responsibility for any of the issues arising from your ad and the content. (These rights are required for displaying your content.)

Exempt from responsibility

You will have to face technical problems at any time using the site. This is because technical errors occur without our control. But, I have tried to give you a 100% quality service. Please note, however, that our website is not responsible for any technical issues (including any issues or incidents prior to posting and posting) including technical issues outside of our control.

Please note that the www.thewritinghelper.com site is not responsible in any situation with respect to your advertising and messages (including legal status or incident).